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App Recommendations To Boost productivity of Students

With schools and colleges being conducted on an online platform, screen time for students has increased significantly. Here are some of are App recommendations to help you stay organised and productive and make the most efficient use of your time.

1. RescueTime The Free version of this app is good enough and helpful for students who use the internet and fail to track time. You will receive weekly reports on how much and how you spend your time and allows you to set weekly goals for the sam.

2. Todoist With over 20 million users Todoist allows you track upcoming meetings, everyday tasks and is completely free.

3. Grammarly Running your assignment through grammarly allows you to make corrections which are context-specific to help with grammar, spelling and punctuation.

4. Simple Mind The free version is simply enough to make efficient mind map notes.Its available as a browser extension and as an App on Play Store and Appstore.

5. Google Drive Available for both Android and iOS users it is a cloud storage App which allows you to store up to 15gb data for free.With lecture online lectures and e-notes this cloud storage will surely come in handy

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