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COVID second wave and online exams

Ah, the dreadful, the feared, the Second wave of Covid has hit us, and evidently we are not doing well. However this second wave or if i may say tsunami, has failed to shake and break the shackles of the mighty Indian education system. As showed a story done by you, The Samwaad media, A professor who preached her students about how death of loved ones shouldn’t stop them from attending classes and also twitter pages which are filled with narratives of students who are being pressured to give online end sem exams amidst this chaos we’re in, one even said that he was writing his exam while his family was attending his grandfather’s funeral.

Let’s take a moment to calculate with the formulas these students have been printing on paper, how far have we wandered off from humanity. And we all know how online exams go, thanks to google, whatsapp and telegram groups and leaked question papers. We’ve had a few online mishaps along the way.(shweta, is that you?) but it actually stuns me that when students require empathy and when most students are helping each other and doing what someone else should be doing (hint: he’s amit shah’s lovebug) they’re being forced to exhaust their brain when they’re being subjected to emotional, physical and mental hardships.

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