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How to Apply for Internships through LinkedIn the Right Way

We are already making your lives easier by regularly posting job and internship opportunities on our WhatsApp community. But now, we are taking further stress off your shoulders by giving you the best practices to follow on LinkedIn to maximize your benefits.

Job applicant handing over their resume to the recruiter in a job interview

Here are the top 3 ways to increase your chances of landing that internship among 100s of applicants:

1. Shoot a Personalized Message

One effective way to make sure you stand out among a pool of applicants in front of the recruiter is to show them you are serious about the opportunity. You can do so by messaging them, describing how you're a good fit for the role and how you'll be able to make an impact on them. Make sure that you let them know how they'll benefit from you. Do not just keep stating your own gains.

2. Keep your LinkedIn profile updated

After you put in that message to the recruiter, chances are that they will pay your profile a visit to gauge if you fit their bill. So, it's advised to keep your profile up to date with all the work experience, certificates and achievements you have gathered. One of the mistakes many applicants make is not having a good profile/cover picture. Pictures are a great way of humanizing your profile and adding personal/unique touches.

3. Customize your resume for that particular role

Keeping a few different resumes customized to separate roles is a good practice. You might be interested in Marketing and Data Analysis simultaneously. So, when applying for a Data role, rather than telling them how you used SEO to increase reach, tell them how you analyzed data to identify content that worked better. It's all about framing and presenting it in the right way.

You always have to put in extra effort to get ahead of the competition. We have provided you with the roadmap. Your turn!!

We're going to post content like these quite often. Please share our blogs with your friends and also join our community for more insightful resources :)

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