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How to Build a Good Business Analyst Profile?

If you're someone who wants to build a career at the intersection of technology and business, then Business Analysis is the perfect domain for you. With the growing importance of data, all the related fields, like analytics, are becoming more and more critical. Business Analysts are highly-paid individuals in today's world. But if you want to land such a job, you'll need the right profile first.

Let me take you through the most vital elements of a great business analyst profile:

1. Credibility

Business Analysis is a booming domain, and with people from varied backgrounds trying to break into this field, something that can separate from the crowd is credibility. It's great to have an academic background relevant to this field. Still, if not, you can pursue certification courses or workshops to develop relevant skills and credibility simultaneously.

2. Technical Skills

It is absolutely critical that you are proficient with at least one tool from each phase of the business analysis process. That means you need to know SQL/R/Python for cleaning and processing the data. You need Tableau/PowerBI/Excel to be able to visualise the data and present it in front of the stakeholders.

3. Project Portfolio

Let us assume that you have done the work and gained significant expertise and credibility. But how will you demonstrate to the recruiters that you can apply these learnings in the practical business world? You can create a project portfolio on some websites like GeeksforGeeks. There are plenty of ideas and projects available on the internet for inspiration. So start building.

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