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How to Build a Resume That'll Get You Your Dream Role?

Today's blog is for all the job/internship seekers out there. The difference between a great resume and a good resume can make or break your chances of getting that dream role. Getting your resume right can significantly increase your chances of getting more interview calls, and then you can work your magic ✨ on the recruiters.

Now that I've convinced you of the importance of a great resume let us see how you can create that perfect money-jiggling resume.

1. Pick the Right Format

There are loads of resume templates available online. But in order to choose one that fits your bill, you need to consider a few things:

a) Work experience: Depending upon whether you are a fresher or a professional, you'll need a different resume format. For someone with no experience, a resume with emphasis on skills section would make more sense.

b) Job sector: If you are applying for a creative role like say video editing, graphic designing, you can probably be much more liberal with your resume designing compared to if you are applying for a role in Finance or Consulting sector.

2. Consider including a summary

When the interviewer has a pile of resumes to review, it is very unlikely that they'll go through each and every resume with utmost attention. Including a solid resume summary at the beginning will let the interviewer know that you are a worthy candidate with relevant experience. Don't shy away from bragging about your biggest achievements in this summary but keep it concise.

3. Not mentioning is not lying

If you are someone with a 60% CGPA in college, it would probably not be a good idea to mention that in resume. You can try including your experience with college clubs, committees and festivals or internships if you have done some (we highly recommend doing internships). Add relevant coursework from your university related to the job that you are applying for as well as any projects or papers that you have worked on as a part of course or independently.

4. Customise for different roles

If you are interested in more than one domain and you constantly apply for a variety of roles, then you should customise your resume according to your roles. While talking about an experience, you can emphasise more on the work related to the field that you are applying for.

Join our community and do let us know if you need any help with resume building!!

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