How to create impact while doing an internship!

1. Connect with everyone: Identify 20-30 people you admire. Every day, contact one of them and ask for a chat.

Make sure to ask for advice for someone who's new to the field.

2. Start a Results Tracker: On your first day, create a new Google Doc.

Add every single project you work on to this doc.

Every week, update it with:

- The work you did

- What worked / what didn't

- The results this project drove

Your resume will thank you!

Trust me creating a resume is tougher than it sounds.

3. Pitch Projects: You'll have your core set of goals, but don't stop there.

Be proactive about identifying new projects.

Make sure they:

- Benefit the team/company

- Are aligned with the experience you want to build

Managers love proactive interns.