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How to Manage Personal Finance in College?

We all know how difficult it can be to manage college expenses, especially during the month ends. So, here we have attached a solution we came up with during college.

We have created an excel sheet which you can download below. The excel sheet is about analysing your daily spending and informing you whether you are spending within limit or overspending.

It will first ask the duration of which you want to analyse your spending, then it will ask you about your budget for the time and how much you want to save. Then it will ask you your daily expenditure and will notify you whether you are spending within the limit or not.

We at Samwaad are launching our application where you can manage your finances much more efficiently and help you save and invest your money. We will automate the entire process, and you won't have to worry about entering your spending again and again. At the end of the duration, it will also show where you spent your money and reward you if you save up for your goal.

There’s much to it, so stay tuned :)

Download the excel sheet here!

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