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NIT Durgapur's students threatened to be marked absent in viva when they said they wouldn't be able

The students who are presenting their grievances are students of 4th semester(2nd year), Civil Engineering, NIT Durgapur. The professors they are presenting their grievances Dilip Singha Roy(DSR) and Atul Kumar Banik (AKB).

Both these professors have been known to be highly insensitive to the students grievances even earlier and are the most dreaded and unpopular professors of the department. In the attached picture, you can see, 2 students pleading to be given leave from the online lab viva for the subject "Structural Analysis sessional-1". However the professor, DSR clearly gives an insensitive reply to the students saying that if they don't attend the viva, they will be marked absent regardless of the cause.

The irony lies in the fact that the same professor (DSR) has contracted to Covid last year and had missed taking classes for several weeks. And now the same professor is refusing to give leave to a student even for one day.

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