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Product management interview preparation material:

There are 4 different types of product cases: Product design, root cause analysis, product metrics, and estimation. Go through these resources to get to know more about them. One video per case type would be enough to know the basics about these case types. Also, most of the product companies ask for a deck in their first round, make sure you have practiced it enough and it's always recommended to get it reviewed by multiple people. Exponent Yt Channel

PM School Yt Channel

PMexcircise website

Stellarpeers Blog This is going to help you get started with your preparation. Though there's no end to the content available on the internet, please chose your source wisely! There are a few business cases that are asked in the PM interviews as well. These are Market entry, profitability, and estimation. Go through the youtube playlist to understand the framework better. The interviewer prefers a candidate who can break down a problem into multiple pieces and solve them individually (MECE approach). Case interview cracked Yt Channel Victor Cheng's Yt channel We're going to post content like these quite often. Please share our blogs with your friends and also join our community for more insightful resources :)


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