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Top 3 Product Management Software (2022)

Whether you are a working professional or you aspire to be a product manager, you need to be familiar with the industry-standard tools used in product management.

Here are the top 3 software for product management:

1. Product Pad

ProductPad is a product lifecycle management tool that helps keep everyone on the team aligned. ProdPad puts in a lot of work to make sure their planning, ideas, and roadmap solutions are solid, and they more than deliver on my expectations for idea capturing, one of the most important features I look for in product management tools. It can be integrated with Trello, Slack, GitHub and 1000+ other options.

2. is a web-based product management platform useful for organising the routine activities of groups of any size. facilitates teams by defining clear ownership, analysing and tracking their work, managing sprints, and collaborating on everything from large-scale product roadmaps to weekly iterations. With, teams can collaborate effortlessly from any location thanks to the site's intuitive, agile platform. It also allows integration with 40+ tools, including GitHub and HubSpot.

3. Jira

Jira is a brilliant project management tool used for agile management. Jira lets its users draw up plans for their ongoing projects. The drag-and-drop functionality integrated into the project board makes it easy for groups to coordinate their efforts on every aspect of their work. User stories, bugs, sprint plans, and team assignments can all be managed within the system. Data from thousands of business apps, such as design and monitoring tools, source code management systems, and productivity suites, is also available to users.

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