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Top 3 Websites for Aspiring Data Professionals

The best way to learn a new skill is to completely immerse yourself in an environment where you'll constantly be exposed to it. You can learn a new language much quicker if you live among native speakers. Similarly, if you want to achieve data fluency, the best way would be to connect and engage with other data enthusiasts.

Data science and Data visualisation

So, here we have talked about the top 3 websites that we think every data lover should visit:

1. DataCamp

DataCamp provides a variety of hands-on, online data science and machine learning courses. Data science hopefuls can find classes ranging from the very basic to the most advanced. Experts in the field have compiled these courses, which feature video lectures, coding exercises, and group projects.

2. Kaggle

It was founded as a hub for data scientists and ML experts and is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of Google LLC. Kaggle offers data science fanatics a platform to communicate and compete in resolving real-life challenges while upskilling themselves. Kaggle is an online data science platform where users seek and share datasets and construct models. The website's primary focus is on providing quick online courses for anyone who wants to improve their skill sets.

3. Codecademy

Codecademy provides a dynamic platform for students to study computer programming. Using an interactive learning platform as a first step is strongly suggested. Codecademy offers a wide variety of free courses to anyone interested in learning code. It's worthwhile to sign up for a premium membership. In my experience, spending more money invariably results in more responsibility being taken on by everyone involved. Access to its influential community is another perk of the pro plans.

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